Our mission is to be a premier investment management firm that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns while adhering to the highest ethical standards and offering the greatest opportunities to the industry’s next generation as we grow.

Bornite Capital is a fundamental, global equity long / short fund with a flexible mandate that has a core focus in cyclical equities specifically in commodity related sectors.

Bornite combines a long-term investment approach with active management coupled with flexible portfolio construction to maximize returns and minimize the risk of permanent capital loss.

The firm seeks to capitalize on large scale market disruption and change resulting from the industrial technology transition to a net-zero carbon environment and the increased need for commodities to electrify the global economy.

Act ethically and transparently


Remain open to different points of view


Pursue excellence in process and thought


Mentor and develop team members



At Bornite, we believe that having a diverse team can bring a tremendous amount of value to our firm. We look to hire people with different backgrounds and a wide range of experiences, focusing on how potential candidates can enhance our culture, which gives us the benefit of making investment decisions from a unique perspective.


Bornite has a 3-month internship program for university students of underrepresented backgrounds. The program provides a hands-on research experience for students considering an investment career and 1:1 mentorship with the Bornite research team.


The firm’s founder, Dan Dreyfus, is on the advisory board of Capitalize for Kids, a charitable organization that supports children with brain and mental health challenges. The organization promotes the recruitment and retention of minorities and women across both its team as well as on its board of directors. Bornite regularly engages with Capitalize for Kids including participating in conferences and speaking engagements.

Bornite Capital Management LP

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